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Highlights from the 2010 PGA Show in Orlando – Great New Products

Highlights from the 2010 PGA Show in Orlando – Great New Products

Recently, the hugely popular 2010 PGA Show in Orlando took place and this got us thinking about some of the new products that we are excited to hear about and try out. Inventors, PGA Professionals, and golf lovers from all over came together to showcase new products. Here’s a few of the best according to those that were in attendance.

Best Hybrids by Far

Adams Golf is a new company from Texas that makes some amazingly popular hybrids, including models such as the Idea a7, a7OS, and the sleek Idea Pro Black Hybrid. They definitely turned some heads at the Orlando show. Their product campaign touts them as the “#1 Hybrids on Tour” and the “#1 Hybrid Irons in Golf.”

Wedges That Should Not Go Without Notice
Scratch Golf started out in an Oregon garage in 2003 and was represented at the 2010 PGA Orlando Show. They began by trying to improve the wedge, and later evolved into a custom high performance club maker that garnered attention when PGA star Ryan Moore began carrying the company’s line. An outstanding company, Scratch Golf will hand craft your clubs to your specific desires. In 2010, Golf Digest took note of the company’s 8620 Wedge and named it a “Hot List” award winner.

Affordable Simulator that’s Worth the Cost
If you are like us you cannot fathom buying a $50,000 simulator just for your home and personal use. That’s why we were excited to hear about the affordable simulator from Dancin’ Dogg Golf. The gang at Dancin’ Dogg designed the 2010 Optishot to give golfers an enhanced way to improve their game. The Optishot allows golfers to play on some of the world’s greatest courses and check their club head speed, amongst other things.  What’s really great, is it cost less than $500!

Junior Golf Products that Can’t be Missed
US Kids Golf recognized that children of the same age are not always the same size, so they decided that junior golf clubs and products should be sized to fit a variety of ages. US Kids Golf is the #1 brand that sells Junior Golf Products and the company likes to fit the player with appropriate clubs to fit their height and weight. In addition to designing children’s clubs they also offer tournaments, junior golf apparel and more for the younger golfer.

Fantastic Putters
Those of you that have used Boccieri Golf’s Heavy Putter putters probably understand the appeal of this product. At the 2010 Orlando show, the team at Boccieri spotlighted the Heavy Putter in three new weights: Lite, Mid, and Heavy. Most putters on the market only weigh approximately 500 grams, while Boccieri’s Heavy Putters range in weight from 600 to 900 grams; heavier putters can sometimes enforce a more consistent stroke from players that tend to shift their focus.

Phenomenal Club Shafts
Lots of PGA Tour members already use UST Mamiya’s superior golf club shafts, and, after the team debut the ATTAS International Series and the AXIVCore Tour Green models at the show this year, we’re sure others are going to clamor to get their palms on these incredible products. Both of these lines are technologically enhanced to give players a smooth and accurate shot.

The Glove Connection
We aren’t sure if the Glove Connection was represented or not at the 2010 PGA Show, but we still wanted to include this nifty invention because we see how it’s going to transform your swing and improve your shots! PGA Professional Joe Holdbridge came up with the idea for The Glove Connection after his more than two decades of teaching students the game of golf. He said he himself and numerous other PGA Golf legends including Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, and Nick Faldo all placed high importance on keeping one’s hands consistent through the shot and noted that many students allow their hands to move around too much, thus affecting their shot negatively. The Glove Connection takes care of that sneaky inclination golfers get to separate their hands from the club at the top of the backswing by making it impossible for them to change their hand placement. This neat new glove product is made of two specially designed gloves that have Velcro positioned on the thumb of the top hand and palm of the bottom hand; thus, it has the ability to keep things in place more solidly.

Like most other trade shows, the 2010 PGA Show that took place in Orlando showcased some great product lines from some of the best brands in the game. Also in attendance were exhibitors of new golf inventions and products. While we won’t go into great detail about these, some of the notable products that we heard about were Twist Tee adjustable golf tees; Sassy Caddy custom and fashion golf bags by Emily Haythorn, who has great, affordable designs; Fiberbuilt Golf Mats; and Search ‘N Rescue Golf Ball Retrievers.

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