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Packing for Golf Trips

Packing for Golf Trips

There are numerous destinations throughout the states of North and South Carolina that are known for being locations where Dream Golf Vacations are made. Places like the North Carolina Sandhills Golf region at Pinehurst, the Myrtle Beach Golf Clubs found along the Grand Strand, and the amazing luxury golf resorts in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina are known for Stay and Play Golf Trips and Dream Golf Vacations in the United States. These areas rival international golf destinations such as those in Scotland and other areas of Europe in popularity and tourism numbers and are wonderful spots to plan Best Golf Vacations of a lifetime. If you are planning to visit some of the great North Carolina Golf Courses or South Carolina Golf Courses in some of the finest golf travel areas, then read on and learn about airline travel guidelines for golfers and get some helpful tips on packing for Golf Trips.

Packing for Golf Trips is a bit different than packing for any other sort of luxury vacation as on Golf Trips you will probably be carrying along some extra baggage in the form of your Golf Bag. If you are going to be flying, it is advised that you go ahead and make and investment in a golf travel container that all airlines require you to put your golf bag inside when traveling by air. These containers completely envelop the golf bag and have sturdy latches that keep it closed tight. Most of these containers are inexpensive, and can be found as cheap as $50 for some models; of course, there are luxury versions of this product that also cost upwards of $500 or more. You can find these golf containers at most golf retail stores.

Before you pack your golf bag container for the flight, you will want to pack your golf bag with its essentials. Of course, if you are flying, this is because you can fit quite a lot into your bag and therefore your baggage costs for your other bags will be less; if you are not flying you will want to do this anyway to cut down on your golf essentials cutting into your packing space for your other items such as toiletries, shoes and dress clothes for other types of events you will enjoy while on your trip. As a general rule, if you are bringing along your clubs for a trip it is wise to only bring your usual 14 clubs. Some airlines will only allow you to bring 14 clubs, 12 golf balls and one pair of shoes without having to pay extra fees. You may also want to pack extra golf tees, socks and other items for the course in your golf bag.

When you are packing for the course and the other events for your Dream Golf Vacations, it is wise to check out the dress codes at the resorts and clubs that you intend to play. Many luxury golf resorts have strict dress codes that require all players to be impeccably dressed in shirts with collars, khaki pants or shorts for men and skirts, khaki pants or shorts and appropriate blouses for the ladies. Many of the locations for Dream Golf Vacations in North and South Carolina are in warmer climates so you may also want to bring an extra change of clothes for each outing on the course as, after a round of golf in these areas, you will be quite sticky from the hot and humid weather.

Also, if you are traveling far away and want to cut down as much as possible on baggage fees, you might consider not taking your own clubs at all. “What?!” you ask. “Not take my own clubs?” Yes, many high end resorts and golf clubs in Golf Travel Destinations have brand name, and oftentimes hardly used rental clubs. If you plan to play at the more expensive clubs, then you can almost guarantee that they will have club rentals in brand names such as Callaway, Nike, Taylor Made and even Titleist. When you compare the rate of renting clubs with the rates for extra baggage, you may find that leaving your own clubs behind is a better deal.

Finally, while you are on your Dream Golf Vacations keep in mind that you will more than likely want to take home anything you purchase—either at the resort or at other golf retail stores—right away. You will have to pay extra fees if you purchase heavy or large items. You may want to cut down on buying things such as souvenir shirts, hats, clubs and other items at the pro shops.

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