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Talamore jumps in battle of the NC BBQ

Talamore jumps in battle of the NC BBQ

While the debate around the Tar Heel State rages between the vinegary, eastern-style barbecue and the western, tomato-based, “Lexington Style,” through the years many other barbecue influences have found their way into the state via Texas, St. Louis, Kansas City — even Jamaica. Though these additions may not be a part of North Carolina’s cultural history, they certainly give it flavor.

Adding to the most recent flavor burst is the “Pavilion at Talamore,” located in the Southern Sandhills on Midland Road and mere minutes from the Pinehurst Resort.

Suffice to say, the golf lifestyle among the pines just got a wee bit tastier.

For years now, Talamore Golf Resort has been one of the Pinehurst area’s top stay-and-play destinations with 36 outstanding holes designed by two legends, Rees Jones and Arnold Palmer. The Talamore Resort Course and the Mid South Members Course continue to receive high acclaim, and the resort also offers its guests two unique lodging opportunities at the Talamore Golf Villas and The Lodges at Mid South.

But on a Thursday night, with the sun setting after another stellar day of golf at Talamore or Mid South, nothing goes down better than the taste of freshly cooked pork at the resort’s newest amenity.

“The ‘Pavilion at Talamore’ formally opened May 1,” says John McDougald, PGA Director of Golf Operations at Talamore Golf Resort.

Located in the villa complex on the Talamore side of the resort, the pavilion is available to all resort guests on a first-come-first-serve basis. It is a large, covered facility — with covered seating for up to 70 that serves first and foremost as a gathering place.

“It’s a great place to get outside and meet and greet rather than sitting in your room, unit or in a hotel lobby,” McDougald says. “The facility is designed for shared activities and is not to be reserved.”

The only planned event at the pavilion is a series of Thursday night “Southern-style pig pickins” — with true Southern sides — designed to give Talamore guests traveling from all compass points an authentic North Carolina experience. It’s a party open to Talamorians, courtesy of the club.

“We interact with guests from all over the country but we are in Carolina,” McDougald adds. “We are not on the coast doing seafood; we are not in Maryland doing crabs; we are not in Texas doing steaks; nor are we in Boston doing lobster. We are in North Carolina doing barbecue. It’s quite an eye-opener for many — to open the cooker and see a whole pig cooking in it. A lot of folks haven’t had that experience. We try to make it educational.”

After cooking for 10 hours, the pork, forked right off the cooker, is ready to be enjoyed. But there’s even more to be enjoyed at the pavilion, including continual golf coverage during the dual U.S. Opens in June.

“We’ll have TVs out there for the Opens for guests to watch the events,” says McDougald. “There’s also a fireplace for the fall and winter.  It’s becoming a great meeting place for guests when coming into town. It’s a great place to say hello to long-time friends. It’s a great way to start the day or end an evening.”

Like the Pinehurst area experience itself, the pavilion and the Thursday night get-togethers have, according to McDougald: “Added to the hometown feel everybody is in search of when they visit the destination. We are excited about that.”

For information call (800) 552-6292 or visit www.TalamoreGolfResort.com.

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